Isolde: AWA my true home/Dear Baby


    I had been wondering what I would say about AWA. I held the letter in my hands and opened up my laptop to a screensaver of me,Syl,Juls,and Nads. Thats when it hit me.

    To my little baby
    Hey sweetheart! I wanted to write to you because you are the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. The two other things that I cherish are your father and this school so read on my angel.
    Adamson Writing Academy was at first a way for me to run away from my life. I hope by the time you are reading this you will have a close relationship with both sets of grand parents but things were not so great for me. I was running away for many reasons. I am sure you have heard the story hundreds of times by now but I will say it here to you. Your dad was an idiot and so mommy had to dump him for awhile. I
    I came to school in Denmark with your aunt Nadia and Uncle River wanting to start over, but when I got here it was more than I ever could have dreamt of. I met Aunty Julsie and then met her ex at the time your Uncle Bren and his room mate... yes thats right Daddy. He came to win me back and eventally did.
    AWA became a family for me. I met your aunt Laurel and God mom Sylvia here as well as Laney and Halle. I later met your cool aunt Tonie and Miranda and uncle Beau. I got to know your crazy uncle Colby and sweet uncle Eli better as well as Aunty Tinie. We became a family here. It has noit always been peaches and rose petals but I can say that I would not be happier anywhere else.
    When its time for you to pick a school I hope you consider AWA and if not then I hope you pick a place that you feel at home at.
    I love you baby fisher. Your father loves you and we can not wait to meet you
    Love Mommy

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