this one yearning to be thinner. that one wants to get the girl. and do i help them? yes, indeed.

  • Poor Unfortunate Souls || The Little Mermaid
    Elena Harrington & Gabriel Irons; THPOE

    December 26th: Yesterday was Christmas, but tonight we’re all meeting at Henry’s place for a belated celebration. Bring a gift for your secret Santa and enjoy listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog all night. Don’t worry about getting home if you drink too much, we’re all sleeping over in Henry’s living room tonight.

    Gabriel -> Chloe
    Elena -> Daisy

    [[i'm so tired and exhausted and literally spent the entire last 2 days from 8am to 1am at Disney's Magic Kingdom because of the wonderful new Fantasyland.
    It's amazing, that's all I'm sayin`.

    included; @citylimitsxx and @soulfuloctober
    tagging; @vikkirose]]

    "What's in the box?" Gabriel asked, cocking his head to the side, in the direction of the white jewelry box wrapped in a Disney gift bag that Elena was holding.

    Instinctively, she moved it away from Gabriel and clutched it tighter to her stomach.

    "My Secret Santa gift," she replied.

    "Oooh, whatchu get?" Gabriel questioned.

    Elena rolled her eyes and shook her head. "No, it's not for me. It's for Daisy."

    Gabriel's head bobbed up and down as he nodded. "Well then why all the secrecy? I can tell you flat out what I got Chloe."

    "Please don't tell me it's a autographed photo of yourself in a skimpy Santa costume," she groaned.

    Gabriel took amusement in the jest, and chuckled. "No. But I'm sure you'd love that, wouldn't you?"

    Elena rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the pinkish flushing of her cheeks. To steer the conversation in a more comfortable and less embarrassing direction, Elena asked Gabriel what he got.

    "Well," he began, leaning against a nearby wall. "I, of course, had the hardest job because Chloe--being a judge--had to have to perfect gift."

    "Suck up," Elena grumbled, rolling her eyes. Gabriel obviously didn't catch it, as he continued talking.

    "I mean, I could be all stereotypical and get her a Charlotte-themed present, but I'm better than that."

    "What's wrong with character-themed presents?" Elena asked worriedly, holding Daisy's gift closer.

    "Ehh, nothing, I guess. I mean, it's just predictable," he shrugged.

    "Well some times predictable can be good!" she defended.

    "Whatever you say, Princess," Gabriel responded, holding his hands up in resignation. Elena scowled at the mention of her pet name, 'Princess.' It was flattering, sure, but she didn't want Gabriel thinking that. He already had an ego the size of Texas.

    "Are you ever going to tell me your gift?" she asked, annoyed.

    "Oh, right. Well, I heard Chloe liked rom-coms, so I got her a collection of some classic movies that you girls seem to for some reason love. Like 'When Harry Met Sally' or 'Pretty Woman' or...oh, what's the name...oh yeah, '10 Things I Hate About You.' See? Clever, well thought-out, and unique!"

    Elena nodded her head approvingly. "Good job, Pretty Boy." She internally smiled at the sudden new name she had for Gabriel. "Who helped you pick those out?"

    "No one. Just me, myself, and I. Obviously it wasn't too hard. If you want to woo a girl, you have to know their favorite films AND have to be willing to sit through them and watch `em," Gabriel responded back with a sly and smug grin.

    "Now, you gonna spill the beans on your gift, or...?" he trailed off, eyeing Elena suspiciously.

    She sighed as her shoulders sunk. "Fine. I got Daisy a replica Pocahontas necklace, like in the film. It's the real-deal, too. Not some cheap, fake plastic thing."

    Gabriel pursed his lips as he nodded slowly.

    "What?" Elena asked, worried. "Don't look at me like that. It was hard enough picking something out for her. I've hardly ever said two words to the girl. I mean, I don't know her like I know you!"

    Gabriel's eyebrow rose as he smirked. "Oh, you know me very well, you think?"

    He love baiting her on like this. And loved her flustered and furious reactions even more.

    "I mean, no, not /very/ well. I know you can be an ashole. And you're from the South. All I'm saying is I know more about you than, like, Daisy whatsherface."

    "Whatever makes you sleep at night, Princess," Gabriel said, patting her on the shoulder as he laughed. He stood up and slung his shopping bag over his shoulder casually.

    "I'm going to go hunt down Chloe and give her my gift. Who knows what'll happen next..." He said, wiggling his eyebrows.

    Elena rolled her eyes and playfully shoved Gabriel. "Ew, you disgust me."

    Gabriel, of course, snickered back as he walked away, in search of Chloe, leaving Elena to scan the room for any sign of Daisy.

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