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    Anya Amasova; ID

    Camilla Norrback is having an intimate show for friends and press only at her atelier to give us a little preview of her next collection. Of course, we're all invited. Dress to impress because la crème de la crème will be there and you don't want to embarrass yourself.

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    **also, here's the guys and models i'd like to reserve:

    James Bond, 30
    Bio: A commander and spy for the British Secret Service who goes by the more familiar name of Agent 007. Loves women, shaken vodka martinis, and action-packed missions. Very skilled with several weapons and hand-to-hand combat.
    Model: Ian Somerhalder

    Anatol Gogol, 30
    Bio: A general and leader of the Russian KGB. While he doesn't always have clear motives, he's a trusting ally of Agent 007 and also the boss of Agent XXX. He's quiet, intelligent, and deceptive.
    Model: Tom Hiddleston

    Alef Dravkanoff, 28
    Bio: The recently deceased lover of Anya and formidable ally who was also apart of the KGB. He was killed by Agent 007 three weeks ago in Austria, in a mission gone bad. While he was a top spy for the KGB, he was often reckless and hot-headed.
    Model: Chris Pine

    "A drink for the beautiful lady?" a man with a prevalent British accent asked, offering Anya a fluke of champagne. She hesitantly took the crystal glass and nodded her head in thanks before quickly wandering off.

    While although flattering, men like that who offered her drinks often creeped her out.

    Anya instead perused the floors of Camilla Norrback's Atelier, nodding her head when needed as she observed the couture gowns. She sipped the champagne from the fluke she held in her hand every so often.

    "Lovely dress, Miss Amasova," a voiced called behind her. Anya turned ever so slightly and smiled at the blonde.

    "Thank you, Layla--correct?" she replied. "And you can just call me Anya."

    Layla nodded her head gently. "Alright, Anya. So what brings you to Stockholm?"

    Anya shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, business, I guess. It's all really rather boring, and it would be in poor manners to bore you about what I do."

    Layla chuckled and nodded in agreement. "Fair enough," she returned, sipping some of her own champagne.

    Anya grinned and placed a gentle hand on Layla's forearm. "If you'll excuse me..." her voice trailed off as she caught sight of other people. Layla nodded in understanding and excused Anya so that she could continue browsing the collection and chatting up the guests.

    "I don't think we've met before," Anya said, politely butting in between two girls who were previously talking. "Sorry, I'm just trying to get to know as many people as possible in this town."

    Of course, Anya wasn't going to finish that sentence off with a '...because I'm a spy who is attempting to get intel for a mission.'

    "No, I do not believe we have, mademoiselle," said the first girl. She had a very lovely French accent that reminded Anya of the time she posed as a French ambassador's wife at the Grand Prix de Monaco. She smiled fondly.

    "I'm Amélie," the little French girl said, introducing herself with an extended hand.

    "Anya," she replied, shaking the girl's hand.

    "And I'm Nina," the second girl said, also shaking Anya's hand. "But I actually have heard of you."

    Anya cocked her head to the side in puzzlement. The next question that was going to slip from her lips was 'What have you heard about me?' but Nina must have read the expression on her face and beat her to the chase.

    "Well, I mean, I've seen you around Stockholm. You like the ballet, don't you?"

    Anya nodded her head and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes, I try to frequent the performances as much as I can. I love the arts and I love seeing them in different cities."

    Nina's smile lit up brightly at the mention of ballet. "Well, it's a good thing then that I'm a ballerina."

    "Oh how lovely," Anya replied with a chuckle.

    "Are you here with a date?" Amélie inquired.

    Anya shook her head. "Oh no, it's just myself."

    "Good, then you are more than welcome to join me, Nina, and a few others for a coffee break after this--I mean, if you want to."

    Anya was about to reply with an ecstatic 'yes' at the thought of having friends to go out with, but then she was sadly reminded of why she was here in Stockholm in the first place.

    "I'm sorry, Amélie, I have other plans already. But perhaps another time, yes?" she said hopefully.

    "Oh yes, that's absolutely alright," Amélie replied.

    "We'll make sure to schedule another get-together," Nina added in with a smile.

    "Wonderful," Anya sighed. "Now, if you two will excuse me, I have a call I need to make."

    She waved her phone in the air briefly. Nina and Amélie smiled appreciatively and shooed her off, allowing her to make the supposed call.

    Once out of sight and sound, and onto the roof-top terrace, Anya sighed. She angrily opened her phone and speedily dialed the numbers.

    "Agent XXX, is this line secure?" the voice on the other end asked immediately after picking up.

    "Yes. Do you honestly think I would get in contact with you if it were not, General Gogol?" she retorted, rolling her eyes. Even though the man on the line could not see her, he new exactly the expression she would make. Anya was predictable like that.

    "Then what is the purpose of this call? You do realize there is a significant time difference between Stockholm and--"

    "007 is here on the premise," she interrupted nonchalantly.

    "Oh," Gogol said, pondering the news. "Well, then you know what you must do. Where are your current whereabouts?"

    "Longitude 59°19′46″. Latitude 18°--"

    But she was unable to finish her sentence as the sound of a gun being fired took her attention. She immediately ducked and did a barrel roll to take cover. She reached for her hidden gun hidden in the holster.

    Anya's head peeked above her current hiding spot to catch sight of the one and only Agent 007 cautiously scanning the area of the rooftop terrace with his gun held out.

    He was the same exact man who had earlier offered her a drink of champagne.

    Anya turned back around once 007's eyes turned in her direction. She held her breath slightly, then sprung from her position with a smile on her face.

    007 was quick with his reflexes and held the gun directed exactly at Anya. She grinned even more.

    "Agent 007, what a charming surprise to see you here. Have you followed me all the way to Stockholm?" she taunted, aiming her own gun back at him.

    "Unfortunately," he returned. "And it's also unfortunate that I must shoot such a lovely woman. However, I'll commend you. You were awfully hard to chase and track down."

    Anya mock-curtsied to 007. "Well, I'm deeply flattered, 007. But it's also unfortunate that today isn't quite your lucky day."

    The agent's brow furrowed in slight confusion, but it was quickly masked with a grin as he readied his gun for fire.

    "You see," Anya began, taking a step forward. "You haven't caught me."

    And with that, Anya fired a warning shot, grazing the bullet right past 007's arm as she leaped and did a very graceful side flip--which was sure to make Nina proud had she seen her--and tumbled off the side of the building.

    007 ran to the side of the building just as Anya jumped off of it, waiting to see whether her body would land on the pavement below, or would be caught on one of the awnings.

    However, what he saw instead was nothing short of ordinary as people continued to walk down the sidewalk without Anya anywhere in sight.

    He swore to himself after realizing she had duped him and quickly retreated back into the building as to not attract any unwanted attention.

    Of course, several stories down and hidden in an alleyway was Anya, grinning at herself as she retracted the grappling hook she had used and ran to the awaiting black Aston Martin that was ready for her.

    Of course, this was just another typical night for Anya.

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