[7/100].&.['Cause I Make Little Lies And Then I Pull Them Apart]


    Think something dark's living down in my heart...
    (At The Bottom ~ Brand New)

    This is a set I've had sitting in my drafts, half-finished for quite some time. Now that I'm not at college, I can finally get around to finishing it. This was another set inspired (somewhat) by my NaNo from this year. (Vampires and mischief and all that) I still have yet to type out 'the end', but I should be done soon. There are only three or so more scenes to write before then and I'm super excited to write them. My problem now is working up the motivation to finish it. (Ugh.) I'm also suffering from too-many-half-baked-ideas syndrome at the moment in the form of several plot-bunnies, thankfully none are rabid. I just want to write, but I don't know what.

    Also, my seven year-old computer finally decided to give up the ghost and has decided to stop cooperating with me anymore. Ah, well. It was a valiant effort. So I was quite surprised when I got a new computer ChristmaHannukah (the strange amalgamation of holidays we celebrate at my house, which is really just Christmas with a menorah in the window and maybe some chocolate coins). Hopefully this means I'll be more active because I can finally post things, as opposed to just saving them in my drafts. (Being more active on here as a means of a creative outlet may or may not be part of my New Year's Revolution...)

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