• we can double or not.
    i don't care who i play.

    plots i'd like to do.

    • ( girl ) gets pregnant with celeb ( boy )'s baby. he leaves her for fame and a few years later, he calls her up. wanting to make it right.

    • (girl name) & (boy name) have been best friends since the beginning of freshman year. they pretty much did everything together. but over time (girly) had started to develop feelings for (boy). but she was forced to keep them a secret because she was terrified with the way he would react if he knew. over time (boy) had gotten a girlfriend named Victoria who hated (girl) so much. she told (boy) to stop hanging out with her if he knew what was best. but (boy) didn't listen. after awhile their relationship would be off & on due to the constant argument over (girl). but finally he said he was done. so these two best friends come up with an idea for payback of what Victoria put them through. they would pretend to date. but little does (girl) know that (boy) has always had the same feelings back.

    • when (girl) discovers she can't go on vacation with her parents to spain for the summer, due to her bad grades, she is forced to stay with her best friend in her crummy town of Phoenix, Arizona. she is totally bummed out that she wont be spending her summer in paris checking out all the cute boys and totally going shopping. but, on the plus side her best friend has the most CUTEST older brother named (guy name.) her best friend knew she had a little crush on him, but she never really thought anything of it, keeping it a secret. but what happens when her brother always secretly had feelings for too? will they have a summer fling? or will their love flop in the sand?

    • a guy accidently gets a girl pregnant ; he was super popular and she was just an average girl who fell for the guys charming smile. he doesn't know what to do so he leaves, but years later he comes back - totally guilty in the way he acted , she had turned into a real looker & he suddenly realized he had been in love with her the whole time, no matter her looks, but she thinks its only because she got really pretty.

    • a loner boy is the joke of the school, he is a drinker and a cutter. he got into a depression after his father killed his mother and then his father was sent to prison. one day a few of the jocks jump him in an alley and leave him stranded, the captain of the cheerleading squad finds him and takes him in and nurses him back to health and along the way they fall in love.

    • they were best friends all through school, starting in kindergarten but now in their state college ( boy ) finds himself falling for ( girl ) but doesn't want to say anything, because he knows what she can do and ( boy ) thinks he will wreck it. so ( boy ) acts like a total jerk to ( girl ) and yeah, we will see how it goes from there.

    • girl leads a miserable life at home - her stepmother makes her clean, cook, and do everything - she's like a modern day Cinderella. she goes to bed late cleaning and then wakes up at four AM every single day to cook breakfast, and do some cleaning before she gets ready for school. she's always exhausted as a result from running on barely four hours of sleep each day, and she can't help but fall asleep in her classes. she's constantly getting made fun of in front of everyone, without them knowing what was really going on. when boy sees how bad off she is, what will he do? will he just laugh like everyone else?

    • the last one is my favorite.

    we can do any couple.

    emma watson & andrew garfield
    emma watson & rupert grint
    emma watson & daniel racliffe
    emma watson & tom felton
    emma watson & logan lerman
    emma watson & matthew lewis
    emma watson & your choice
    selena gomez & justin bieber
    selena gomez & zayn malik
    selena gomez & harry styles
    selena gomez & your choice
    miley cyrus & liam hemsworth
    miley cyrus & nick jonas
    miley cyrus & justin bieber
    miley cyrus & your choice
    lucy hale & andrew garfield
    lucy hale & logan lerman
    lucy hale & zayn malik
    lucy hale & niall horan
    lucy hale & your choice
    kaya scodelario & louis tomlinson
    kaya scodelario & cory monteith ( sp )
    kaya scodelario & your choice

    and that's all i can think of.
    but i am open to anyone.

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