Isolde: My Cinderella Story


    Today we had to dress up as our favorite storybook character. I always loved cinderella growing up. Maybe it was the blonde hair or maybe the fact she never felt loved by her family.
    Owen was my actual family growing up. My brother was all I claimed for years. My other family was by choice. Nadia and River's. I always dreamt of finding my prince charming and him taking me far away. I never knew at 18 my fairytale would all be coming true though.
    Jake dressed up as my prince charming and I kissed him sweetly when I saw him. We made this cute display of him putting my glass slipper on and then I kissed my husband again. I might not be cinderella but what I was happened to be a very happy girl,a wife,bestfriend,daughter,godmother,sister,and an expected mother. In my opinion farytales did exsist. I was proof.

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