like a crown of thorns, i can't wear this love around my heart.

  • Name: Pixie Aoife Gallagher
    Age: 18
    Model: Ginta gorgeous Lapina
    Hometown: Gortin, Tyrone, Northern Ireland
    Act: Magician
    Style: She's a style chameleon. One day she'll be wearing lace and bows and look like the sweetest thing ever and the next she'll be wearing spikes and leather and look like she can kill you in 3.0 seconds.
    Likes: liquor, dark chocolate, jewellery, blue eyes, gentlemen, anything luxurious. all things European.
    Dislikes: people who call her fake, knockoffs, players.
    Bio: Ever since she was little, Pixie was different, When kids would draw a smiley face, Pixie would smell cookies baking and hear two high beeps punctuated by a train whistle. The letter A appeared blue, and the number 9 caused her to hear a bell ringing. She was, and still is, synethetic. She had what was commonly known as the confusion of the senses. Which came in handy for magic tricks. With a flash of a few scarves, she could tell any classmate's birthday, or a person's mood by what color they emitted, or even tell what number they were thinking of. She never tells anyone though; a magician never reveals her secrets.

    @the-glamourai do I need to change anything?

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