everybody wants to rule the world.

  • might be the worst doll I've ever made 😕

    name; Crystal Allistair.
    age; 16
    hometown; Orlando, Florida
    model; ginta lapina
    talent (something related to pageants; singing, dancing, etc); dance
    likes; coffee, glitter, luxury, shopping, tiaras, pageanting, winning
    dislikes; losing, anything cheap or tacky, players, new girls to the pageant world
    bio; crystal has been pageanting since she was in diapers. eat your heart out, honey boo-boo. and she always walks away with at least queen. But she's never won ultimate grand supreme. her fair skin sets her apart from the other orange pageant girls and she's very competitive. she comes to win. and this year is no different. but this year, she's going to win ultimate grand.
    storyboard/collection; soon.
    optional: playlist; later.

    what famous person does your personality most parallel?
    -Marilyn Monroe.
    what quality do you like most about yourself and why?
    -My wit. nothing gets past me, and you won't get away without a snappy comment.
    what is the biggest challenge to young people today?
    -staying true to yourself in the world society has created
    what is the one feature you'd change about yourself and why?
    -my skin. I can't get a natural tan, I'm like an albino.
    which celebrity would you invite to a dinner party and why?
    -Ed Sheeran. His music is pure, respectful and it's all him.
    do you think professional athletes are overpaid?
    -absolutely. most of them use performance-enhancing drugs and they're paid for looking pretty.
    what is your definition of success?
    -Happiness, money
    if you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
    -I'd make everyone equals to eachother
    what bothers you most about what is happening in your country today?
    if you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you chose and why?
    -Vogue. No question.

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