Isolde: End of an Era

  • I was supposed to meet Davian to get started on our new assignment,however I stayed home from school today. I did not feel good. A lot had happened and I needed to deal with it first.
    Holly and The connors were gone. Without a warning they had left school. The connors affected me the most. Juls,Brennan,Jake and I had been inseperatable for almost a year now. We had drifted a part over the past few months, but I never thought that they would leave.
    It hurt to know I might never see them again. That my baby would never know them. My baby was the only reason I wasnt completely falling a part. Baby Fisher was keeping me strong.
    Things had changed since we started at AWA. People had left,things had happened to all of us,however we had to push on. Life happens when you are busy making other plans so says the beatles anyway. While I was making plans life had happened for everyone of us here at AWA. My only hope that the ones that were left could pull through together.

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