Unbroken Set Part 169

  • Lacey's outfits for when she's a guest on The Andy Show with Andy to do a couples version of "Who Is Most Likely To?" (Part 1 of 3) They answer cute, funny and rather "interesting' questions.

    "Kindest Eyes?"

    Lacey: Andy.

    Andy: Lacey.

    Andy: Your eyes are better because they're big and beautiful, they have the most perfect shade of gray, they're also different because of the silver that appears when you're really happy. It reminds me of a Disney Princess.

    Lacey: Aw. That's sweet of you to say, Moonlight.

    Andy: Yeah, I'm more like a villain. Like Scar from The Lion King and you're more like Nala.

    Lacey: Oh, shush, Light. You're not a villain. You're a hero. You'll always be my hero, anyways.

    Andy: grins with all of his teeth Thanks, Faith. kisses her cheek

    "Who's the best at phone---?"

    Andy: quickly answers Lacey.

    Lacey: face turns red Hey, I'm not going to deny it. Where do you think songs like Follow Me Down, Going to Hell, Goin' Down, Prisoner came from? I mean, come on-- Lacey dramatically quotes her own lyrics as Andy chuckles at her "Follow me down to the river tonight, I'll be down here on my knees." & "Gettin' heavy with the devil, you can hear the wedding bells."

    It's not that difficult to tell what influenced those lyrics. she winks

    Andy: Apparently, it's that good that Lacey writes songs about it.

    She pushes him with a playful scoff, they both laugh

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