Unbroken Set Part 170

  • Lacey's outfits for when she's a guest on The Andy Show where she and Andy play a couple's version of "Who Is Most Likely To"- answering funny, cute and "interesting" questions. (Part 2 of 3)

    "Who is most likely to look like a God?"

    Lacey: points at Andy

    Andy: Me. I'll explain why, it's not that you can't look like a God because you are a Goddess. This doesn't have anything to do with being handsome because you are beautiful.

    Lacey: But, Light- you are prettier, though.

    Andy: But it's because I'm tall and I have a deep voice and tattoos.

    "Who would attract more visitors if you were an attraction at a freak show?"

    Andy: Hands down, me. goes into the same explanation about the God thing

    Lacey: Okay.... giggles Basically, you're admitting that you're God.

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