Fun things to do on Christmas :)

  • (Sorry for doing tips, i know i'm not a tip account, but I like to help people 🙂 )

    I thought I'd give you tips on what to do on christmas, in case you're bored, like i am 😛 Some of these tips are usually what i like to do on Christmas, or what i used to do as a kid, so I hope you enjoy ❤

    1. Help out with the meal: This is only if your parents actually want you in the kitchen to help, usually my mom doesn't want me in the kitchen, but anyways, if you're allowed to help, it's fun to cook 🙂 At least when you're cooking with the family, you can talk to them as well, and learn to cook 🙂 So, that's pretty fun 😛

    2. Watch Christmas movies: there are a lot of Chrismas movies out there, some old, and some new, and there's a lot of good ones 🙂 My personal faves are The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, Elf, A christmas story (Different from a Christmas Carol, in case you've never seen it), Home alone 1 and 2, The Grinch, Charlie Brown Christmas, there are so many movies out there 🙂 It's fn to watch them 🙂

    3. A family favorite: Baking cookies! When i was a kid, I'd always go to my grandma's house, and she and I would make gingerbread cookies, or sometimes chocolate chip cookies. It was really fun to bake them (Especially when you get to lick the spatula 😛 )

    4. Christmas Caroling: I did this once as a kid, and it was fun, it doesn't have to involve going to to people's house and singing in front of them, it can also just mean sitting around, and singing 🙂 Or, instead of singing, just sittng around and talking to family 🙂 I'm not much of a talker tbh, but I'll occasionally join to to talk with the fam :3

    5. Going outside and playing with the snow: Yeah, I know, kinda childish, but I did that as a kid at my grandma's house a lot (She lived in the country, and she had a big field, so my brother and I would go outside and have a snowball fight or something.) You can make a fort or snowman, or snow-angels, or have a snowball fight 😛 and afterwards, come in and have a nice cup of Hot Chocolate, mmmmm.

    So, yeah, not very tips to be honest, but these are the only ones I could think of for now 😛 You can go ahead and comment another tip if you'd like 🙂 Have a safe and happy Holiday ❤ 🙂

    Peace and Love,
    KayKay ❤

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