beauty in the water, angel on the beach. ocean's daughter. i thought love was out of reach, 'til I got her. had i known it could come true, i would have wished in '92, for a mermaid just like you.

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    character name: Sirèna
    model: Gemma Ward
    age: 17
    likes: the gentle sound of waves, shipwrecks and grottos, isolation, the feel of sand between her toes, cloudy days, that moment right before sun down, old english literature, nautical objects, untamed hair, & water lilies and orchids.
    dislikes: fish and other large sea creatures, warm, dry, hot and humid days, bright sun, loud and rambunctious noises, other people, modern technology, wearing pants, & the smell of low tide.
    favorite thing to do on land: find a secluded spot along the rocky shore, nestled far away from most civilization, where she can climb in between the sharp, jagged rocks and watch the boats sail into the harbor as she reads books--preferably Ernest Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's a bonus if the sound of the buoys can be heard ringing in the distance.
    bio: Sirèna was always different from her sisters. When they zigged, she zagged, so to speak. She, unlike her siblings, preferred to be alone and bask in the feeling of seclusion--as a mermaid would hope to do. Sirèna never liked conversing with humans. She was a quiet, old soul who was engrossed by old literature, seafaring art, and nautical objects and who spent most of her time reading alone. Many consider Sirèna to be quirky, in the sense that she's very unlike everyone else. She's highly intelligent, very perceptive, a bit antisocial, and somewhat moody when it comes to having to talk to others. Sirèna is certainly one of those people who could spend weeks upon weeks without any other human contact. She doesn't relate well to her sisters, or her father, and is often considered the odd-ball of the family, but Sirèna doesn't mind. She isn't exactly perceptive to what other people are thinking about her specifically, anyways. Sirèna does her own thing and hates being bossed around. She has a sharp tongue when egged on and is deceptively evil when it comes to revenge. Sirèna also isn't the biggest fan of humans, and will out-right tell them she doesn't like them. She's the sort who would much prefer to spend her days under the water than on the shore and quite frankly, she believes that the 'human lifestyle' is incredibly boring and useless. Unfortunately, Sirèna comes off as a bit elitist and 'holier-than-thou' to others. But we all know that's far from the truth, right?

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    Name: Christian Hanson
    Model: Ian Somerhalder
    Age: 21
    Bio: He's the one kid who most people avoid either because they don't know him, or are terribly afraid of him for reasons unexplained. He doesn't speak much, and recently moved to Hawaii after several mishaps in his life which he chooses not to speak about. He's a bit of a recluse and is very shady about his past, but Christian's been known to actually show a sweet side, especially when it has to do with his major of English Literature with a focus on Maritime Literature.
    Reserved for: @jolieenrose

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