• Hello Polyvore 🙂 Merry Christmas ❤ It's Christmas Eve, and first of all,I'd really like to thank you all SO MUCH for being really supportive ❤ You guys are all so amazing! So, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU :). I wanna show you my thanks by giving you guys likes, for the spirit of Christmas, and to sshow you my thanks ❤ So, here's how it goes. First close your eyes, and then move your mouse around (If you don't have a mouse,use your mouse pad :3 ) then open your eyes, and if you've hovered over a box, with a certain item in it, you get faves 🙂 BUT, 1 rule: DON'T CHEAT. This is for fun, not a competetion, everyone gets faves, so please don't cheat. It doesn't make it fun if you cheat 😕 So, here's wnhat you get if you hover over the item:

    Perfume bottle: 40 likes
    Lapop: 50 likes
    Nintendo DS: 20 likes
    music CD: 10 likes
    Ipod touch: 30 likes
    Sweater: 10 likes

    So, i hope you all have fun ❤ 🙂 Remember, don't cheat 🙂

    Peace and Love,
    KayKay ❤

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