Isolde: Baby News

  • After the science test Jake and I had a doctors check up. I was 18 weeks pregnant and today we would get to find out the sex of our baby. We were both very impatient people so we had to know what baby fisher was.
    We walked into the familar ultersound room and I got on the table. The whole time I was getting more and more nervous.
    The nurse techiniciation pulled my dress up and put the cold gel on my very visable baby bump. Jake tightened his grip on my hand trying to relax me. When I saw the blur my heart melted as always. That was our baby.
    The nurse smiled"Mr and Mrs Fisher would you like to know the sex of your baby?"
    We both nodded nervously
    She pointed to the monitor"You are having a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby girl"
    I let out a little laugh and Jake smiled with tears in his eyes then kissed me.
    The ride home was filled with laughter and excitement. Jake never took his hand off my stomache. As we got home I went to call everyone and Jake decided to go get something specail for dinner to celebrate our amazing news

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