Isolde: My Bffe always


    Ever since I was four years old Nadia Stevens now Nadia Hartly and River Smithson have been my best friens.
    When we were about 14 years old Nadia and her family had invited me to New York to stay for a few weeks over the summer. We had decided one day to go to the mall and shop til we dropped. However right in the middle of our shopping trip we heard a loud alarm go off telling everyone to get out of the mall. Theyre was a fire in one of the stores.
    I started to freak out crying and saying that I didnt want to die yet. They kept on telling us that the doors were going to lock in 5 minutes for safety reasons. We were on the end of the mall with no enterence. I knew I wasnt going to make it. Just then Nadia grabbed my hand and we ran to the exit. I fell on the ground and she picked me up and carried me the rest of the way on her back.
    Looking back on it I know how how silly it seems to say she "saved" my life because we werent in any real danger, but that memory is just an example of how Nadia is. She has always been there for me and I know always will. I love her as a sister.

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