Isolde: Adoring Fans?

  • Everyone had a autograph signing at the local bookstore today. Jake and I were seated next to each other, which made me happy. I signed many of my own books for smiling people that thanked me and wished me luck. I ate gummy bears as I did and was very happy until one woman came up to me and looked down at me with a glare
    "So Mrs Fisher? You are having a child but do not wish to have anything to do with your own father?"
    I look up from signing as Jake freezes.
    "My father and I dont have a good relationship ma'am but..."she cuts me off.
    "Every child should have the right to know theyre family. I believe in an eye for an eye Mrs Fisher so maybe one day your child will choose not to see you" then she was thrown out by security. I was left shattered.

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