Laura: Settling into old habits

  • When I arrived back at school I knew I would see Troy. There was no way I couldnt. There was a part of me that hoped he turned repulsive over the break.
    As I walked into the lame dance completely loaded I knew differently.
    There he was. The boy that broke my heart and made me who I am today. He looked in my direction then looked away. A danced with random guys I didnt care about. I always kept my eye on him.
    I went to the balcony to sneak a smoke
    "Need a light?"He asked in his smooth sexy silk tone.
    I let him light my cigerette for me without saying thank you.
    "You look good Maybird"He said with a wink.
    I looked him in the eye and before tossing my cig on the ground and stomping it with my heel I whispered
    "To good for you"

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