Clipping items, is it possible?

  • Hi everyone! I just created an account and I was wondering if you could clip images/ items like on Polyvore? I tried the copying a URL-link but it didn't work

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    @godsmoonlight I’m having a hard time as well and I’ve come to the conclusion you cannot do it for obvious reasons, also have hard time adding photos/items, but I’m new so I’m not sure and haven’t been able to navigate the functions. I the the functions are extremely basic and not very advance, or could be a lot of polys are importing data, it to days for mine to even show up. I’ve also mange to only add one item, I’ve stop trying.

  • a lot of people are uploading/importing their sets from Polyvore files- and a lot of people were on Polyvore for years so there are thousands of sets to import. combine that with hundreds of users joining and you have tens of thousands of sets waiting to be uploaded, so some of the website features are going to be a little slow for the time being. the staff is working on it but there is only so much they can do when we're flooding their servers so unexpectedly.

    • you can try clearing your cache, that can help
    • some items just wont work, i think its more a problem with the URL/img host than URSTYLE
    • you can try going into your editor and clicking your "My Items" tab, i've noticed that there's a lot of items that won't appear on my profile but are showing up there for some reason.

    i'm glad you're here ! the more people i see from polyvore, the better 🙂 💜


    @maggotpunk I reported the problem with some of my uploaded items appearing on the My Items on the create screen, but not on the tab labeled My Items on my profile page. URSTYLE is working to fix it.

  • @affton Thanks for letting me know - I didn't know they were working on fixing that 🙂

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