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    Minimising and enlarging (+ and -) before publishing

    • Dear @URSTYLE I am having trouble with my sets whilst creating if they end up too large the image leaves the page and I cannot see it. Other than take it apart(which I have done numerous times) is it possible to get this application added to the creation process. Or alternatively if we put it through a draft could it come back minimized and centered. Not an emergency, as it is,I suffer the embarrassment of my set being all out of whack and then edit but this is difficult also as I am again facing the same problem. Do other Artists/designers have this problem or is it just me. Sorry to be a bother. I think this site is fantastic and the administrators are beyond helpful. Thanks for all you have don thus far. Cheers DianneC

    • @diannec Hi Dianne, yes, I have had this happen also, and after taking the set apart i could not find the offending item, as when I published it it came out with the set up the top and then the frame underneath it. So I deleted it and started again. Possible boundaries in the working page maybe needed, so items cannot disappear into the unknown. Cheers Ollie

    • Not sure if this is the same thing but I start a set on the iPad in β€˜landscape’ but if I need to crop something I have to turn the iPad around so I can press save & then the creating area becomes smaller cutting off the bottom part of my set, I can’t get the full creating area back again, I was just wondering why?

    • @diannec Hi πŸ™‚ It might be good to post your suggestion in the administrator's thread, so that they can see it sooner: .
      Good luck!

    • @ollie *I have had this happen to me also. I have a set that has an extra pair of legs and a single hand ti the side. I thought if we had this application added it would cover 'recovering items' also. *

    • @diannec Hold your Control button and roll your mouse wheel backwards for zooming out. Roll the it forward to zoom in.

      I'm not sure which browser you're using, and I kinda only use Firefox, myself, but I get a small bubble in the bar that shows the page's URL with the % of zoom I currently have. If I click on it, it resets back to 100% and the bubble disappears.

    • @myrrael I currently have my zoom set at 100% but my more recently published sets are smaller than ones that were previously published. I am using the same frames as the ones that are larger and making sure that there are no items outside of the frame, but still no luck. Any other suggestions? Thanks.😊

    • @affton Ah, apologies, I was only addressing the zoom in/ zoom out question (which also works for cropping, by the way, found that out after my last post).
      What you could do, would be to save as draft (and be sure it's saved, of course), then leave the creator, head back in and see if the set is now resized. If it is, click the sides of your oddly resized set. If there is an item hiding, it should show up.
      On sets resizing without items being on its edge, I'm scratching my head. It's definitely odd. I did see one such set published, myself. Even hit 'view image' on it, and did not find a hiding item (unless it was transparent, then I wouldn't be able to see it like that).

    • @myrrael Thanks. I will give this a try. It has been puzzling and frustrating to get the smaller sized sets but URSTYLE is still my choice! 😊

    • @affton Good luck πŸ™‚

    • @myrrael Thanks for all of your help.😊

    • @myrrael I just published a test set and now the published set is big! Still don't know why it is bigger, but added a limited number of items so as not to have anything hidden. Now I can build more structure into my next set and see what happens.Thanks for your help.

    • @affton You're welcome πŸ™‚

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