Importing my polyvore account.. I HAVE QUESTIONS

  • hey there! If you were on polyvore, please follow me and message as well! I did the import account on here and it said it would take a while so im like ok, cool, BUT my question is will it change my username and will the sets I have now be deleted and replaced or will it add to what ive already done? Thanks so much please let me know!

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    Hi 🙂 I recently uploaded my Polyvore profile and it took a few days for it to show on my feed. I had made some sets on here and while my Polyvore sets were uploading my urstyle sets kinda got mixed in with my poly ones. The next day everything was back in order so my urstyle sets where my recent sets.
    I had a different username on polyvore and and that didn’t change. So everything should go smoothly for you too


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