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    28th April Update

    • @olivpear
      Im just having issues creating period on a mobile device. The whole screen is not visible....especially when a draft is saved. Items will not upload for me like once before.

      I also still don't see any items I uploaded from a week ago nor sets I uploaded from my zip files weeks ago. I'm patiently awaiting bugs to be fixed so I can create via mobile device or maybe an app in the near future. As for the uploads of my zip fine without my old POLY sets loaded...I would just like the items I am trying to import and use in new sets to become available once processed.
      Is it possible to see if something is stuck in my air or something blocked it or if im doing something wrong now with the imports?

    • @affton I can't seem to get anything to upload. I put in the link and it says success, but nothing shows up. ????

    • @arjanadesign Are you following the steps listed in this post?

      If you are following the steps and still having problems, let me know.💜

    • @arjanadesign It is not an instant upload to your items. They have to be processed. Firstly the team has to collect the pic you;ve given the url to and next they have to process them. Meaning, making them usefull to the users. Like you can click on them to only have the centre and not the white background. Imagine thousands of pics being sent and only a handful of people working on them. You've got to be patient, sometimes even takes a day before they turn up on your items list. But they will come eventually. And it's like opening a xmas pressie when you suddenly see them in your list. Hint: the list is not in order of the last one posted, so you've got to scroll down and perhaps they are there already. I've been caught that way too. Good luck.

    • @carloadofdogs Good to know.

    • @carloadofdogs Thanks for the info but mine have never shown up. I've tried 4 or 5 times to upload items. I'll be patient I guess. Thanks again.

    • alt text
      Girls, it's simple! You need to wait until this pop up doesn't disappear and only then refresh the page. Just wait one minute or less and I'm sure you'll find it there ☺

    • @gingerbread It gives that message, too, on images that won't show up.

    • @carloadofdogs Though it's true that item upload isn't instant (most of the time), it's untrue that items are manually added to the site. This is done automatically if; done correctly, the link is valid (an image file/ not corrupted/ etc) and when there are no unforeseen issues.

    • @watereyes Yes, I see that message pop up. I don't mind to wait, sometimes not until next day. My dearest wish is to be able to delete items which are doubled up, mostly my own fault not knowing they were being processed, but also computer fault to simply place them twice. I've now got a large collection of items, at least 10 - 15 are there twofold. The less items I have the quicker the scrolling and looking for my items is, then I don't have to be sitting at the computer too long. Is cumbersome for me. I can't wait till we have a delete option. Please URSTYLE can we have a delete option in our items list? Thank you so much for all the work you've done so far. I'm really enjoying the site!

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