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    Instructions for publishing your Polyvore draft sets on URSTYLE

    • Do you want to upload, finish and publish your Polyvore drafts in URSTYLE?

      1. If you have gotten your drafts downloaded from Polyvore, you should be able to see the drafts in a separate folder of the Polyvore download file.

      2. If you did not receive your draft sets in the download from Polyvore, go back and download again from the Polyvore download site. When the download is complete, you will find the Polyvore draft sets inside a folder of the Polyvore zip file labeled "Drafts". If you open the "Drafts" folder, you should see them. The original download files from Polyvore did not contain the draft sets. They were included in later downloads.

      3. I saved my Polyvore drafts to Pinterest and then followed the instructions from this tutorial to upload the draft sets from Pinterest to URSTYLE.

      ( Thanks @vn1ta)

      Once I uploaded it to URSTYLE, if the Polyvore draft set was ready to publish, I went to the create tab, added the draft set (appears as one item in your items) and two additional items (URSTYLE requires a minimum of three items in a set), You can add them behind the draft set as I did with this set:

      or you can add items in the create screen to the draft set as I did with this set:
      Then hit the publish button (You may want to save as a draft first so it does not get lost )
      No more Polyvore set orphans! Hope it works for you.

    • @affton Great, dear! Congrats on your success!! 😊 💖

    • @vn1ta Thanks for your tutorials. They make the process much easier to follow.💙

    • @affton I'm so glad they're helpful, dear! 😊 I, too, share an opinion that visual help should be the easiest to understand 😊 💖 🍀

    • Thank you! I might do that but for now I am not sure except I wish I had the last one I was working on! It was so good and very out there but I was working on it when polyvore when down, so I lost it forever! I am glad that is the only one I lost.

    • @cure_kitty Sorry to hear about losing your set. Your sets are fabulous!

    • I have been unable to retrieve my drafts. I have done the Polyvore download 3 times, most recently today and just don't see them. Is there something I might be missing?

    • @merlot-hues You should have received your Polyvore data in a zip file. It you open the zip file, you should have a folder labeled drafts. If you open the draft folder, you should see your Polyvore draft sets

    • Hello. I was wondering how do I get my drafts to pinterest?

    • @rissa_angel Dear, if you're referring to your Polyvore drafts, you should do the following:

      1. Unzip the file that you received from Polyvore (from this address: ) - so that you can see folders with sets and drafts;
      2. Go to Pinterest, log in to your Pinterest profile
      3. Click the section called Pins (you will see Boards, Pins, Tries, Topics on your profile)
      4. Click Create pin
      5. Then you can simply drag and drop files from your unzipped Polyvore folder onto the marked surface (please see attached picture) 🙂
        Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions! 😊 🍀

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