• Hello marvellous team on URSTYLE. Thank you for all your efforts improving the site and accommodating wishes from ex-Polyvore users. I really love the site but can think of another important issue to address, all in good time when you possibly could.
    At PV we could organise our items under different tabs, so we could quickly find what we were looking for. Also, we could delete items and likes. Often two of the same item were posted by mistake. Some didn't work out, so we could delete those as well. Personally I've made some spelling mistakes which I'd love to correct. It would look so much better.
    So all in all, if we could: organise, edit and delete our items and likes that would be WONDERFUL. Thank you for listening. It would make our URSTYLE experience so much better.


    Well Said !!! ❤ : )

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    @carloadofdogs I think you were looking for this thread

    You make valid points, and they have been brought up, including (but not limited to), accessing collections from the creator, editing/ deleting/ (easier) organizing of items/ collections/ likes, splitting of liked items and collections.

    I, personally, cannot wait for a better structure (and search-function) for liked items and own items. I'm drowning X.x

  • I just discovered, if you want to delete an item from your "likes" folder, you can. Whilst creating....click on the item you want to delete, then "unlike" it so the red heart is empty again and that item will disappear next time you are in create. So unliking makes things go. But not yet in the "my items" folder.
    ATM the site is very slow and not all my items and likes are showing up, even the clipper doesn't react. So right now I cannot create....teardrop.

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