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    I miss Role Playing

    • Hey I was on polyvore for almost 10 years and I role played. It was a great creative outlet. I miss it terribly. Are there any ex polyvore rpers like me that might want to somehow start one or know of any?

    • @followyourbliss I would love to start one

    • @expiredsunshine Thanks for replying so quickly.Any ideas how to start something?

    • @followyourbliss well there are no groups but wat if we made sets and write stories and tag each other. Do you have any ideas of rp's?

    • Um no but you were always great at rp ideas0_1525209804421_tumblr_lojg7nKieP1qg8kh6.gif

    • @expiredsunshine sorry forgot to tag you lol

    • Yes, would love to join too

    • Great the more the merrier:)

    • okay so I never rp'd on pv but I did on twitter so I'm not really sure how it works but on twitter we had these roleplay groups with like storylines and group activities and cool objectives I'm down to start one of those on here

    • @lilsadgal yea that's how it worked on polyvore too.Like I said the more the merrier 🙂

    • @followyourbliss maybe we should make a gc to brainstorm rp ideas

    • @followyourbliss Let me think I will list a few ideas then say which you like
      some of my old ones
      1.Basically it is based on Kim Possible,Sugar&spice, The groove squad and the gallagher series..... basically 10 cheerleaders are secretly spies.. It's going to be high fashion and create your own but you need to base it on a stereotype.

      1. Located near the Island of Bermuda, is a small Caribbean town named Poseidon's Reef. Everyone's tropical paradise, a dream come true with scattered shops, off shore restaurants and the smell of coconut and pine. If you grew up in this tropical paradise, you will know that mermaids, magical sea creatures exist. You might even be one but if you are on vacation here, you won't know of the curse and won't be exposed to it unless you disobey the rules. This small island town is cursed and those who choose to stay longer than two Harvest moons will be bound to the ocean, either with a tail or something even more twisted. The townies have all agreed to keep the tourists of the shore at midnight, holidays can only be planned for two harvest moons and no tourist is allowed to go to the Volcano but what happens when some of the tourists decide to stay longer? Will they be bound to the curse or find a way to escape?
        3.6 Along the streets of New Orleans, there lives an apartment building with 13 pretty girls that live inside. But these 13 girls are anything but ordinary. They are the strange and unique girls tied to the gruesome murder of one Maryn Maples-- a darling southern belle found butchered on the street in front of their home. But these girls are anything but innocent-- each and every one of them is suspect to the murder for one reason or another. And almost all of them are the member of a secret society: The French Quarter Girls. The society is filled with the city's most elite and privileged young ladies. And those who aren't are the social rejects who are actively protesting it's existence. But here in the city of history and darkness, lives something much more sinister than even the murder itself. As the cops begin to try to solve the crime, they uncover even more secrets about the city they live in and the girls they're investigating. There's only one way to figure out this brutally glamorous whodunnit. And that's to tell your story.
        4.Based on the book series Alphas by Lisi Harrison but with a few twists. Thousands applied. One Hundred got in. Alpha Academy is located on the exotic @ shaped Alpha Island, the elite school for exceptional girls was founded by Australian billionaire business mogul and former model Shira Brazille. If you received an invitation, it means that you have been hand picked by Shira to become the worlds next generation of exceptional dancers, writers, musicians, and inventors etc. But there's a catch. Every move you make is being watched by Shira's camera's that are placed all over the Island because only one girl is chosen to be 'The Alpha' at the end of their senior year and all the others are booted off the Island.. Scratch that, that was before one of the girl's avenged Shira's harsh educating process which cost Shira her alpha, she gained a law suit since her alpha was purposely drowned by a beta reject and her son Sydney left because of the madness, Now Shira allows all her students to be alpha's, less security and more freedom on their uniforms. but drama always finds a way back, no student is allowed to date her sons and since Sydney's return, the girls are quite eager to know what he's been up to. That's not all, rumor has it a rival academy has opened it's doors to boys and girls and is right across the Alpha Island. Dashwood academy is open to all types of students and the students enjoy harassing, pranking and mocking the Alpha's. - Will there be another unexpected body in Lady del a rossa lake? - Will someone get kicked out for sleeping with either a Handsome Brazille boy or an average rival student? -Cat fights? well of course - Will Shira be assisnated since she made some enemies through out her years as a ball buster headmistress? maybe or maybe not - most importantly, can the students stay focused on their hopes and dreams? Well, they better.

      5." You're satan in Chanel"
      Guess what ? a next generation gossip girl role play? " Do you have what it takes?" â™”Welcome to the Upper East Side, this was once the playground that Blair Cornelia Bass(formerly Waldorf) dominated, also the battlefield where most of her classic fights with Serena Humphrey took place and it is known to be the birthplace of senator Nathaniel Archibald but recently they've grown up and they all stay under the radar since 'gossip girl's quit, well that is until now. Who are the new targets? Their children of course, and they are more devious than their parents.

      6.Dream Catcher's society anyone interested in a role play about a few high school loners that created a group to talk about their dreams and aspirations and they all made a pact that they would meet up when they are 25 . Each of them visits each friend's new home and experience their new lives, then one of the friend's goes missing and they embark on an adventure and then travel the world to find their friend. or something like that It's called the Dream catcher's society each month we all write about one country that they visit etc....? and some of the characters include one of the friend's is actually a yoga instructor that's secretly a C.I.A agent and one is a ballerina, one a surfer, one a professional polo star..

      7.Bradford Prep Academy,located in Rhinecliff,New York. An exclusive boarding school, some call it the 'Alpha Academy' because it's filled with privileged and talented students that are born with competitive personalities . The Diamonds are the pride of Bradford, they rule the school, everyone feared them. They were known to disobey the rules but get away with it because of their manipulating natures. Everything was perfect, well it use to be. A member of their group Felicity Chamberlain committed suicide the year before. Or so they thought. One night Mrs.Chamberlain asked them to help clean out her room because she was too emotionally unstable. As they rummaged through her belongings ,they found a journal that she wrote in all her secrets and theirs. The most shocking discovery, Feclity was being stalked and she wrote in her journal the day that she died, stating that she was afraid of being murdered. The Diamonds now know that Felicty's cause of death wasn't suicide, but murder. They are now being stalked by the same person and it's only a matter of time before every comes crashing down.

      1. based on the music video by todrick hall called Grown woman.rst thing first, watch this video- I want to make a role play based on the video basically after 12 years of attending a private boarding school to teach them proper manners and how to act like a lady. These girls graduated and are now in the big world, each trying to find their way and follow their dreams. The struggle with their parents who want them to do something else,they are tired of following the rules and being 'proper girls'. They are now grown woman and ready to take the city by storm..

      9.One School. Five Houses. Your Destiny. They think they are just normal girls. At the age of fifteen, these girls are invited and sent off to a very mysterious boarding school in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by misty mountains and a beautiful silver lake. But, nothing is what it seems. Each girl was picked to Belleview Academy because they each have a destiny. The girls have an inner animal inside them, based/representing on their personalities, talents, and the lives they live. And, with this trait, they are also born with hidden, unique magical abilities. There are five houses in Belleview Academy: Kristal; House of intelligence Luxe; House of he regal Muse; House of Creativity Crescent; House of whimsical Gladiator; House of strength By being chosen in the school, the girls’ lives will be changed. They need to be careful though. There are dark, malicious forces that would do anything to have the girls’ powers. These evil spirits surrounding the school are entering and clashing with the animals’ spirits which will make some girls stray from their chosen destinies. If they don't follow their destiny, it can make them lose their special abilities. As well the evil spirits will possess the girls, making their abilities become more aggressive, dangerous and uncontrollable. These evil spirits will do anything to have power. And, to cause absolute destruction they think the world deserves.

      10.Sororities brings us closer, we are are bound by the blood we spill " - Anonymous Location: Orlando,Florida Callaway University is known for outstanding academic achievements,thriving sports stars and of course,their prestige sororities. This institution is one of the few the that offer a degree in arts,literature,academics, physical activity and any other career that you would like to pursue. The ivy leagues universities can only dream to have facilities,classes and students that Callaway offers but behind closed doors, there's a danger lurking the the hallways and the sorority girls are not what they seem like. For generations every sorority is rumored to be involved with darker spirits, the founders of the four sororities made a pact by blood to bound them forever, a pact that causes every new sorority pledge to develop a power that connects to her sorority. Each house has a symbol of one element ,that element is the source to their powers. Unfortunately with these powers come deadly consequences that are severe to every girl that enters as a pledge to that sorority house. Every year the faculty of Callway University{better known as CU} cover up the suicides, possible murders and the weird events that occur under the public's eye,to the rest of the world CU seems like the perfect place to be but beware it may lead you to a destructive path as soon as you enter the grounds of CU.

      1. In the city that never sleeps, these girls have figured out how to put something to rest. Their true identities that is. These 6 girls all met one night at the Sizzle Bar located in the Upper East Side Manhattan. They instantly clicked, so they decided they'd meet again the next night, same place, same time. This became routine for two weeks. Two weeks later during their annual cocktail one of the girls had a little bit too much to drink and spilled some major secrets. Out of shock the other five girls took her to central park and the six of them told each other the truth. After that they made a promise never to tell another living soul. What they didn't know is that a mysterious, wealth man that goes by Jeremy was eavesdropping on the girls. The next day he hired some men to track down each one of the girls, kidnap them, and bring them to his unknown office. The men did as he said and the next day the six girls were sitting, shaken and slightly wrecked in his secret lounge. He explains to the girls what he heard in the park and then he gives them an ultimatum. They can either work for him or he'll expose them for their crimes. The girls make the smart decision and choose to work for Jeremy. This job is what they call Jeremy's Goddesses, they get rid of the criminals he instructs them to. All while keeping their secret identities, NYC cover jobs, and makeup looking perfect.

    • 2 is an amazing idea I was so excited for my character
      5 Because any gossip girl type rp is so fun
      3 Also I adored my character in this one
      10 Awesome idea

    • @expiredsunshine I love them all honestly

    • so now what?

    • @followyourbliss I'm not sure @expiredsunshine @skmerc you guys down for 2, 3, 5, or 10? We could create a thread ig

    • @lilsadgal also who is going to create the audition

    • @lilsadgal We can probably create our own characters since we are the only ones rping right now?

    • @followyourbliss @lilsadgal @skmerc

      I think i still have the forms for each roleplay in order to create our characters but we have to decide which idea. I'm also down for 2,3,5 or 10

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