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    Paging system instead of scrolling down?

    • Hello. @Urstyle @olivpear @admin Is there any chance the website could change from scrolling down, to a paging system (i think this is the name) with a certain amount of itens per page? That would make easier and quicker to find older itens, outfits and sets, i think.
      Thank you, keep up the great work, regards!

    • @wintermoon 0_1525320978846_0004.PNG

      Did you mean that? You can find that under your settings.
      I had it on, but turned it off due to having issues with Liked items and own items not showing up in the creator after an X amount of them.

    • @Myrrael Hi. No, i had that on and i think it only refers to the forum (posts and topics), it doesnt change nothing else at least on my browser.
      I mean the outfits & sets page, shop page, or the itens page (like Polyvore had) when we are making our sets. to be able to look just at a certain number of itens and sets per page. It was easier to look for a certain item or look at the oldest sets/itens.

    • @wintermoon Aaah. I, too, have that question.

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