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    Help with editor

    • I just made a set, and I did clone my dolls head just incase I didn't like my new edit on the second head. I liked the cloned head better, so deleted the 1st. However it is still showing up on the side, and b i g. I can't locate it anywhere in the editor to delete. Is there a way to resize the space of the editor? My screen resolution is 1860x1024, going up didn't help. Any suggestions? I'd like to delete that item so my set doesn't look silly 🙂

    • @mlle_m Dear, you could try to use Zoom in/Zoom out on your browser 🙂 On Google Chrome you can find it in the menu on the right (marked with 3 dots, please see the pictures below).
      Hope this helps! Good luck! 😊 🍀

    • @vn1ta Yes I did this, and it worked!! problem solved. Sorry to reply late. Thanks :)) I'm still learning everything, but I'm getting there 🙂

    • @mlle_m I'm so glad it worked!!! 😊 😊 I don't mind the late reply at all! Have a wonderful weekend, dear! 💖

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