Clipper tool

  • Does anyone know when a possible Clipper tool will be available? I understand you're able to upload items, but you can't link them and go to the direct website(Without it being a lot of work) One thing I loved about Polyvore was finding great items and actually being able to afford them and buy them, and overall how easy it was so just "save" items onto that website and create sets with them.
    I was just wondering when a clipper tool for one's browser will be available, does anyone know? 🙂


    I think they are working on the issue. We all need it. Possibly soon. ☺

  • It was supposed to be available this (almost passed) week 😕 They've probably encountered some problem... I hope that the Clipper is available soon! Can't wait, to be honest! 🙂 😄

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