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    how is everyone liking it so far?

    • hey guys i was a former polyvore user im hoping people are liking it here. its amazing how this site is coming along i love it so much. has anyone else found their friends on here ? im still looking . . . does anyone know @-illumi-thottie or @-http-silkhoney

    • I don't know either of them but if I find them I'll let you know!! I love urstyle it's the best alt to pv tbh

    • @lilsadgal yea it is pretty nice here i just wish there were more people on here

    • @mountain-sound me too : hopefully more people will come there are new people daily but most polyvorians scattered to shoplook or trendme

    • @lilsadgal yea i guess lol a lot of them are on tumblr though

    • Im making new friends and I love it! I know the site isn't perfect or it's not what we were used to, but it's really great and everyday the community is growing so... maybe that means there is no other site like this!

    • @ortegamariana thats good to hear yea nothing could replace polyvore bu this site is doing great

    • I am liking urstyle quite a lot now!

    • i actually miss the contests A LOT! but beside that everything is great

    • This post is deleted!

    • I have tried TrendMe and Shoplook, but it seems that people barelly get in touch over there. I still do sometimes a set in Shoplook, they have added recently a feature to ad images, somehow i dont even find my sets on the main feed, also there is no visible interaction between users,'s more limited, so far.
      TrendMe is for me much more difficult to use than the others, more difficult to make a set easily...and it seems "abandoned"..(!?)
      I am really, really glad for Urstyle, i think now it is the best so far, i really like it better in here. I am finally able to do both sets and artwork...It is much more like Polyvore (even it is still something to build, there is still the need for a clipper, a feature to organize itens, etc) But this website seems to be on the right path. Besides there is way more interaction between members and the idea of a Community is very good, to share ideas and help. I hope this site keep on growing because it has everything to be a great website for us.

    • I tried Shoplook first, but I think I like it here better. If only because it let me bring my sets back before Shoplook did it. By that time I was content slowly slipping back into making new sets as my old ones were right here for people to see. It can only get better from here!

    • it's the best polyvore alternative so far. before the import feature, i was undecided about making an account, and was hovering between here and trendme, waiting for some progress. i'm glad i chose urstyle. there is a strong presence of community, and something polyvore never had - a forum! ✌

    • @wintermoon this!!! shop look is great if you like simple sets but for what I like to do it's not a good fit and trendme is a MESS I love the shoplook team though I just wish it was easier to communicate w others

    • hoping to find my old friends and rp buddies its seriously different here idk if ill rp again everyones doing them and im here lost. . . im happy everyone is finding things easily and having fun ^^

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