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    Everybody remembers Polyvore but..

    • you guys remember Looklet? 😱

    • I do, I actually enjoyed that site quite much back in the day 😄 I remember searching for it again a few years ago, but no luck, guess they shut it down, does anyone know when?

    • @violet_peach Me too i liked it more than polyvore to be honest! I don't remember when it shut down but it still exists and sells it's software to brands. I remember h&m used it (i don't know if it still does).

    • Yes! I do remember!...I was an avid Looklet user until they shut down the website which made me upset since there was nothing like that ... They warned about the shutting down beforehand and we were able to save some sets (by ourselves, no feature to do so). Then they started being a retailer provider website or something like that, where the "create" feature was only for shops and such. One user also told that the website creators were not enjoying the fact that we used a lot effects when creating art sets so the people could not see the brands. Then one user told me about Polyvore. The creation feature was not very appealing to me in the beggining but afterwards the website grew up on me...just to be shut down afterwards suddenly like a King Henry VIII beheading order...

    • This post is deleted!

    • This post is deleted!

    • @wintermoon I didn't know all of these or my english weren't that good then to understand them but i do remember that there was a way mixing effects.I loved looklet younger and i preferred it to polyvore. It was after looklet shut down that i made a polyvore account after searching many "substitutes" and tried to adjust to the change..just like now. Unfortunatelly,i was too stupid back then to save my sets ☹

    • Ok i uploaded one to my Pinterest account. This is one of the many looks i did there (i think this one i used the mix effects) ...i miss Looklet, ot was so unique and great!
      alt text

    • I miss it, it was shut down in 2012 i think... later i found some virtual modelling sites, but never ever nothing as good as Looklet, not even close... I used to do this as well...
      alt text and alt text

    • OMG yes!! I remember looklet too. Its been a while though. I didn't enjoy it as much as poly but I do miss it. Does anyone know of any other similar sites??

    • @golddustgirl there is a website called Glamstorm. But it is not even nearly as good as Looklet. Yet, It is still being used by a few dozens of people. Besides, it has been looking the same for a while, no updates no new itens. But you can still give it a try.

    • @wintermoon Oh nice sets! I loved this twiggy-looking model on the second set! I really miss those days in general when the only thing i searched were dress up games 😆

    • @golddustgirl there is stardoll, which imo is aimed more towards a younger audience. However, a lot of people still use it of all ages

    • The Covet app is kinda similar. Real world clothing on models and less kiddy than Stardoll. It's not as creative as looklet was though.

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