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    I know i just posted about this but.... i was wondering if anyone had any ideas when we would get a better functioning clipper?
    I've got about 500 items i've collected and want to upload and i can sit and do it but with the item glitch going on where some items don't load until you're in the editor and some not at all; basically should i just wait till we have a clipper?

  • @ahngelical What do you mean by clipper? We've got a clipper in editing where you can clip or draw around the item and then it cuts out for you. Is that not what you mean?
    If we'd only have the organise tool, so we can delete items and organise them in our categories, it would be a big help. Any that didn't load we could do later on and any that came twice we can delete.
    I wish we could delete sets altogether, as there was a mistake in mine and the set came on the size of a postage stamp with one item huge, which prob had fallen off the board, lol. It looks sick there and needs to be removed. But I can't.
    I think dear we have to be so patient, there is a lot to organise for urstyle and they're doing a wonderful job so far. Hope you soon get what you need. Love to see all your items in future!

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    @carloadofdogs i mean like the old polyvore clipper what we use to import items not the clipper in the editor omg.
    But i agree with the organisation tool & seeing collections in the editor would be a big help along with deleting items.
    Also i think you can delete sets if you click the three ellipses at the top of the set, you can delete or edit the set there. I deleted a few of my old polyvore sets when they got imported.

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    @carloadofdogs Hi! I think This clipper is not easy to use ...... I hope that urstyle will make him easier ... Thank you urstyle..!


    ✨ GOOD NEWS ✨

    @urstyle said in Uploading itens - not showing up or duplicate.:

    @dmiri @wintermoon we are investigating this issue. A lot of new improvements are coming, together with Clipper tool 🙂

    P.s. we will also allow users to delete own items

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