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    Old liked items and drafts

    • My old Polyvore liked items are gone for good or will they appear like my sets? And does this import process iclude my old drafts? Please help!

    • @msspnky Hi! Unfortunately the download ssense gave us, they didnt give us any items, only a number code in a spreadsheet form. Sets that are uploaded from polyvore are essentially an image of the set, meaning no items from the set are imported.

      As far as drafts, i think you're able to upload them to an image site such as tumblr or pinterest and you can uploaded them like an item onto urstyle. For whatever reason, some people had a draft folder in their download whereas other did not. Hopefully for you there is a draft folder!

      O hope that makes sense and i hope it helps ❤

    • Thank you very much for your answer! It helped a lot ❤

    • @msspnky no problem I’m glad I could help ❤

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