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    Download of Your Polyvore Sets

    • I am cross posting this because it may be of interest to those members who still need to retrieve their Polyvore sets:

      I received an email from Polyvore yesterday with a reminder about the deadline to download your Polyvore sets and drafts. The email said:

      "To download creations including drafts— go to:

      by May 10, 2018 and follow the instructions. You will have until May 15, 2018 to retrieve that download of your content."

      If you still need to request the download or have been notified by Polyvore that your content is ready to download, please be aware of the deadlines.
      Also, if you had already received a Polyvore download that did not include your drafts and you want your drafts, go to the site and request another download. When you receive the download,the draft sets will be in a separate folder in the Polyvore zip file. I did a second download since my first download did not include my drafts. I then downloaded the drafts to Pinterest and uploaded to URSTYLE so that I could publish them. You can even add URSTYLE items to complete the draft sets. If you have questions about how to upload your draft sets to URSTYLE, let me know.

    • Great! Thanks for letting us know!

    • @affton do you know how to convert the Excel files into images?

    • @mimi1207 Sorry. I don't know of any way to do that. I have looked at it and other URSTYLE members have tried, but unfortunately, I am not aware of anyone who has been successful in using the Polyvore Excel data to recreate images. ☹

    • @affton Thank you, sweetie!! xoxo Celeste

    • @mimi1207 Thank you, my daring!

    • I am not certain if I can be of help here, because I am a little confused by the topic. The PV Excel files should not contain images, only comments. Everyone should have received a folder of images & separate Excel files of comments. However, if one does not have Excel, there are free tools such as Microsoft Excel Viewer, that can allow one to see what is contained in the Excel file you received. Just Google "how to open an Excel file without Excel" And if there is something in that Excel file you want to turn into an image, in a Windows based computer, you can use the clipping tool to turn into a jpeg or png type file by "snipping a picture of it" Thank you @Affton for this reminder. What makes me sooooo sad, are people who have taken a hiatus from PV.. One day they may come back, only to find out everything they had is gone... So sad

    • @sharee64 I also received Polyvore Excel files of "likes" and "collections" but was unable to do anything with the contents which consisted of numbers that I thought might be part of a URL code.

    • @sharee64 I agree that it is sad that former Polyvore members will not have the opportunity to retrieve their sets if they do not do it in the next two days. Hope everyone who wants them is able to get their sets.

    • @affton what really makes me sad, as best I can tell, the comments I received in Excel were comments I sent to others. Which I meant every word of, but.... the beautiful sweet comments that I received from others do not seem to be included. Those comments meant the world to me... and sadly they seem to be lost. But there is no point in dwelling on the past... except to the point it shapes the future... hugs for moving us forward here!!!

    • @sharee64 I agree. Our Polyvore friendships were very special and I miss them. Now it is time to move on for those members who are ready and I am trying help the URSTYLE members to be successful. Hugs back to you for your kindness.😊

    • "there is no point in dwelling on the past... except to the point it shapes the future... " i like that 🙂

    • @affton @Mimi1207 By using copy/ paste and/or print screen into something like Microsoft Paint you can then save your work/images into jpeg format etc. Hope this is helpful Ollie

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