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    Finally, I created a set completely using URSTYLE as a test drive to see how things are coming along on the platform with all the improvements. As many of you know, I have been using CANVA to create sets and clip them into this platform for a while now due to me being a mobile user.

    Welp URSTYLE, in the editor everything seems to be saving just fine. There's just a bit of a delay on the saving but I didn't have to use any screenshots to save a finalized far. The clipper on is also working just as it should in both mobile and via Chrome extension.

    The canvas is still not mobile friendly or touchscreen friendly. I'm sure when the time is right and the site gains more stability new features will be in place. I am waiting for a touch-n-drag app for Android in the future...It makes a world of difference and time when you are able to adjust everything on your canvas with the touch of your fingers. 😉
    BRAVO to URSTYLE for the many improvements...keep it going strong! Cheers 😘 Kisha

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    Urstyle works perfectly on mobile devices. The beauty is - you click on the item and it is added. No need to drag it.
    Not sure what canvas you are talking about, but the site is mobile friendly and touchscreen friendly.

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    @profashional wow...that's awesome they hear that the site is user-friendly for your usage. I'm able to move items around and such on an Android tablet much better than my Android phone but again not with completely ease for the types of sets that I enjoy making [Lots of layers and cropping and small details...maybe too] 😉 But I'm happy to hear that others are able to use their mobile devices perfectly's just a select few of us then. Cheers to the days ahead 😘 Kisha

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