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    Dear #URSTYLERS, happy love month!
    February is the love month all over the world thanks to Valentine’s day, and it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate any kind of tenderness: not only the one between couples, but also the one you share with friends, family, pets. We would like to invite you to create sets inspired by the love festivity par excellence: Valentine’s Day. All types of sets (and love) are welcome. ♥

    Unlimited entries from FEB 07 to FEB 17
    Competition rules


    URSTYLE team will choose 12 winners based on the quality of design
    All 12 winners will be featured in the special "Valentine's Day!" album on URSTYLE Facebook page
    First 3 winners will also be featured on URSTYLE's Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages

    Enter the contest here: https://urstyle.com/contest/valentines-day ⬅

    Add #valentinesday tag to your set so that it could be spotted by more users! 🔝

    Feel free to ask any questions & post comments under this announcement, but please make sure submit your entries via contest page from the link above.

    UR team

  • Interior Designers

    @urstyle new Contest, so cool!

  • Hi there! I am having trouble adding one of my sets to the competition. I will press the "add set" button, but nothing shows up, even though I have made multiple sets. Even after I search for the name of the set I want to enter, nothing pops up. I'm just not sure if it's my fault or just a system thing? Do you have any suggestions as to how I can fix that? Thanks so much, love the site! @URSTYLE

  • Official Babes

    @treasure This is happening to me too, except it is showing my one most recent set only. So I'm thinking it has to have been made recently to show up?? Idk tho

  • @officialbbgirl Yes, I think you're right! I noticed the same thing. Thanks for reaching out : )


    @urstyle will the winners be announced soon? ♡

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