Risen from the dead [ "living" the adult life]

  • I've been extremely busy the past three months, I haven't been active since the end of Dec 2018 because in January I started my first job at a film production company as a production manager & concept writer.

    I miss role playing and creating characters but i'm just so busy during the day i'm either at the office planning shoots or writing concepts for my boss or i'm on set until late at night.

    I love my job and I've grown so much in the past three months but I need an outlet, just something to distract me from my super annoying co-worker and stressful job.

    I'll be posting some characters and writing prompts but I'm not sure if I'll join any rps, I feel like every time I get attached to a role play it fails, so i'm just using Urstyle to work on some characters for the short film my company is producing in May.

    The PACT a roleplay!
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