UPDATES.>>>Oh yes! 🤫 😘

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    Well, thank you @URSTYLE @admin for devoting your time and efforts into all the new functions I'm noticing.
    I really love the fact that I can now SEE if my collection/set is marked private or friends only. That helps a lot.
    Also, I absolutely love the fact that I can SEE the PALS I follow sets first. This is a fabulous time-management tool. I'm pretty sure there are some secret changes I dont know about so maybe you can tell us🤫😘 I just recently found out we can upload images from our OWN device this past month.

    @admin Can you please consider to still providing an updated list on the updates to the site if time permits. It is so exciting to see what changes have been made to the platform.

  • It's Your Imagination

    Where do you see the people you follow sets? It's probably obvious but I don't see it. Is there a place just to see sets?

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    @laughingdog 0_1569403953020_MY FEED.jpg

    If you check out the home page it is there only AFTER you click HOME then select MY FEED and magic..You SEE only your PALS inspiring sets and then you CHOOSE to see if someone new will catch your eye, you still GET INSPIRED. Awesome sauce! GO have fun and Cheers girlfriend!

  • It's Your Imagination

    @luckied99 Thank you so MUCH for your help! I didn't know that. Wheeee! Thanks for the picture too! I never would of thought to look there!!!! 🙂

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