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    survivors of the polyvore apocalypse?

    • i was maggotpunk (previously the-misfits and misfit-s)
      who else is here ? im hoping i recognize some old "faces" to feel a little more at home lmao

    • I was "beleev" on polyvore. I have stayed with the same name here : ) Welcome..... to all those who are missing polyvore !!!!

    • I was Hello Dollface on Polyvore. I barely survived the Polyvore Apocalypse! LOL!

    • I was princessboogs (not my idea) on Polyvore and I'm dying over here. is this site helping anyone else? I just tried ShopLook and I didn't really like it so I need a new home lol

    • ive been wandering from site to site because i feel lost lol - i tried trendme and i dont like it at all. im holding out hope for shoplook bc of how amazing their staff have been with us on twitter, and then i stumbled across urstyle so i tried this one out. i like that it has a forum similar to how polyvore had the ask section wayyyy back when. but its still taking getting used to and i still miss poly so much 😞 plus its hard to find alternative items on here and thats what i make sets with so im grumpy haha

    • @maggotpunk So far this is the best alternative to Polyvore, specially for more alternative sets/art. After trying some of them after the Polyvore Apocalypse, i could not really get back to my art style. So far this is the closest i could get to my style of expression, but still a long way to go (hope they get a clip to Urstyle feature soon).

    • @kimberkush from polyvore!! greetings to all

    • @wintermoon Hey in same boat was a follower on polyvore too

    • I was nindiwijaya. Fighting, eveyone. lets start (again) our new journey here !!!

    • @wintermoon I agree with you - I tried Shoplook because of how nice they're being on Twitter but I couldn't use it. I'm waiting to see if they broaden their functions before trying again, but I feel like I'll be sticking to urstyle. I really hope the clipper is up soon, I want to add pictures and such so I can make art sets.

    • @beleev Hi,I am here from Polyvore,xxxx

    • Hey! Here from Polyvore, does anyone know about this site? I legit just signed up after hearing about it in passing, anyone have a good grasp on what's the go with it? How long has it been around etc.

      Wow still so mad about the polyvore/sensse thing (or however it's spelt) so if anyone wants to have a rant with me please do, though i imagine a lot of you are over it by now haha, my friends weren't on polyvore so i have noone to vent to! Still mad!

      I was 'asha' didn't have a real big following so you wont recognize me, but I was on that site foreeeeeeeever

      Anyway, hoping to just get that creative outlet back, and find some cool art-style-fashion from the other users.

    • @asha Hi,I am here from Polyvore me too-I am not so active because I still try to find the way it works _:)If you want to know more about URSTYLE you click in :COMMUNITY(top of the page) and then you click in NEWS: you will read a message from the administrator to all the" Polyvore users:you can ask her everything you want:)

    • i was wesker on polyvore!! still mourning the loss of 5 years of creations but im grateful that ive been able to at least import my sets :') anyone have any idea when the clipper will be implemented?

    • @wesker first version of a clipper is up, now. Please check the News section of the forum 🙂

    • @wesker Hello! I imported my sets, that was glorious. However, I created 2 new sets, hit "SAVE" and nothing showed up under my sets. Did I do something wrong? It's very, very slow on here, perhaps with all of the PV sets being uploaded? I haven't tried the "clipper" yet, but I'm already confused. So far, all I do is talk to fellow newly-adopted URSTYLE kids, and can't do much more. However, it was a good day today, all the positive vibes going on, progress pulling us up out of that Apocalypse as you so cleverly coined it!

    • @jcmp I think the website is just a little slow because of the demands on the server - there are a ton of people trying to upload sets, make sets, upload items, registering, etc. We all gotta be a little patient 🙂

    • @maggotpunk Yuuup. I just got a 503 - temporarily unavailable due to excessive load XD

    • @myrrael lol there are hundreds of people here from Polyvore - and I know people on Twitter have been talking about this website allowing you to import your sets so I'm sure that's attracting even more.

    • @maggotpunk hundreds of people uploading thousands of sets each lol

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