I don't really know if anyone remembers my account being I didn't really roleplay but I used to run Jinx-official and Minianons currently looking for past members and all the groups my anons used to be under. Hope everyone's having a good day.

    ○ Jinx members:
    ○Eunah ( @im-eunah)
    ○Snow White (@kimnaeun)
    ○Rain ( @doll-anons)
    ○Venus ( @hellevator-anons )
    ○Sunmi( @soft-for-mochi)
    ○Bonnie ( @daebak-anos)
    ○Kiko( @tsukikoarai )
    ○Hyemi (@martin-elle)
    ○ Yeongju ( @lee-yeongju)

    ー reveuse | @reveuse-official
    ー members |
    Bom » @scrcndipity
    Anna » @rebelxchild
    Kiki » @minianons
    Angie » @park-angie
    Moon » @baby-anons
    Yoona » @choi-yoona
    Janine » @kimnaeun
    Heiran » @vanilla-anon
    Chaeyeon » @cupidanons

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