How to Post Sets on Forums/Messages

  • Right now it's difficult to post sets on the forums and this might be the only way possible for now

    1 Find the set/outfit you put together
    2 If on pc/laptop then on your keyboard press alt & prtscrn at the same time
    3 If on mobile then screenshot selection
    4 Pc/laptop users find the paint program if you have it and crop out your selection
    5 Mobile users - go to your gallery and find your selection then crop it out

    How to post (easiest ways)

    1 Go to forum you want to post on
    2 Find the last button on the posting screen which is the arrow in the cloud and upload
    3 For messages go to and upload your selection
    4 Once uploaded then copy & paste the 4th link that says 'markdown' with two symbols in front
    5 Post this and preview in the forum you want and it's automatically shown up (3-5 also can be for forums too)

    Any questions? Discuss in the comments below - thanks


    thank u so much ❤ for the info

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