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    • Hi girls, I have been trying to comment on many of your sets today and I wasn't able to, I am sorry I don't know if it is the platfform problem or my notebook, my new notebook got broken and I am using the old one which is pretty slow but I am not sure that's the problem, but please know I am using all my free time to find and follow all my polyfriends these days, send you light an all my love. xoxo

    • @alaria I think they are updating the site, that’s why many features aren’t working right now. It’s probably temporary. I’m searching for my Polyfriends as well and already found some of them. Sending love and hugs! Cheers!

    • @jesuisunlapin I think so too, it must be the updating they are doing right now. I was so happy to see your profile here, as well as many other profiles from PV, I have to thank my amazing friend @mylkbar who tough me about this site, I am so hopeful now, I truly believe they are doing their best so we can have our new place to create and build another amazing community, best wishes

    • @alaria aw you are too kind. i think this site out of all of them has the potential to be really great. love you xx

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