Anyone else from Polyvore that are any pastel goth, kawaii, goth, anime lovers?

  • I used Polyvore for making pastel goth, goth, emo, male (I'm genderfluid or androgynous), pajama, kawaii, and fandom related sets, particularly my main fandom, Owari no Seraph, as well as some Love Live, Madoka Magica, Little Witch Academia, Sailor Moon, Boku no Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, RWBY, Fate Series, Inu x Boku SS, and so on. And I made aesthetics for most of my favorite characters/ships, such as my same sex ships.

    Do you know how I can get them back? As in, pictures for my aesthetics?

    And I was Sakura-chan-cxcvi, btw.

    Plus, anyone into any of my fandoms? Cause we could help in creating aesthetics for my favorite characters.

  • hi ! im goth and make goth sets - sometimes here and there i'll throw out a pastel goth set tho it's not really my style 🙂 you can import your polyvore sets under the edit profile and then hit import. though it only works if you've already downloaded the file from ssense

  • I recently imported my polyvore sets which might be what you're looking for!

  • Retro Babes

    @sakura-chan Hey hey! I'm glad to find more anime people here! ^^
    I used to make anime/gaming casual cosplays, anime art sets and kawaii/harajuku sets among other things. I still have to put everything in collections because there's tons of stuff but you can come take a look if you want~ ^^

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