Ways to salvage collections, items and more

  • (Okay, so, the site is still incredibly wonky on mobile, so I had to go find my laptop.)

    Like the majority of everyone else here, I had my Polyvore account butchered, at the time of the transfer to Ssense, and lost the items and collections I painstakingly created over years. I haven't yet received any answer on how or when to retrieve items or collections from either Ssense or Polyvore, so I tried to find alternatives:

    1. Archive.org stores some information, but far from all. Go type in the url of your old Polyvore account. I found to 'snapshots' of my main profile, so the results were lacking.
    2. Google cache. You need to open a desktop version of Google and search for your profile. When you find a link, there should be a green URL beneath it, with an arrow at the side. Click the arrow and click 'Cache'. It's text-only (at least it was for me), but you get a list and URLs for where the items were clipped from. If a collection or similar isn't cached on Google, it might be cached on Bing or other searh engines. If there's no green arrow, I'm sorry, but you're out of luck. I managed to save most of my collections, but my items are still lost.
    3. Simply google your username, name of your collections and 'polyvore' in different combinations. Again, it's incomplete, but you'll have at least some of your items.
    4. In your download in the file named 'likes.csv' there should be a number in column B. If google that number, your item might show up.

    Good luck!

  • I was hoping this would work for me, but all of the links included in the cache version of my collections just redirect me to stupid SSENSE!!! ugh...I'm SO sick of seeing that fugly website.

  • nevermind...you have to click on the website's name, not item names.

  • Deutschprachige Gruppe

    there was an e-mail Newsletter from Polyvore that you are able to download your Sets from
    10 - 15 May 2018.

    i tried it today and opt out the data sharing with ssense.
    Everything worked. Some hours later i got an e-mail, that my download is ready and i got a ZIP-File with all my sets to download in my account.

    There are only two days left and then this service will be closed.

  • @cglightningart The data downloads only contain sets, not items or collections.

    The service is open to May 15th, so there's more than a month left 🙂

  • @bnethercutt0114 Yeah, you have to go to the items' original shops or sites and hope that the product page is still up. Otherwise you have the item name such as "Wood Wood low profile cap", and then you search either a) google or b) pinterest and hope to find an image there.

  • but it wont work if you don't have the url to your old profile. i think we loss all of our items...and this website is basic when it comes to brands and stores.

  • @vellavf17 The url is simply your username.polyvore.com. Alternatively, just try to google your username + polyvore 🙂

  • Deutschprachige Gruppe

    @neon thank you neon. Seems i am ahead of my time lol

  • Deutschprachige Gruppe

    @vellavf17 i don`t had this problem. I entered my e-mail-Adress (same, where you got the Newsletter from Polyvore) and imediatly the site "next steps" opened (you also can enter your username), where i can opt out the data sharing and apply for the download. (one klick with the mouse) I did not need the url to my old profile. The whole process (also for the download) i am on the account-update.polyvore-page.

  • Ok so I entered my profile URL, and it opened like a summary and a calendar. I don't see any green URL or anything else. I'm doing this on my computer. What can I do?

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