glitterfilledfairytales - looking for "art" polyvore creators

  • Hi, everyone! This is a shot in the dark since when I recently got back into Polyvore most of my followers and community were inactive, but I used to be a part of the artistic mosaic set hipster battle group side of Polyvore. Like most of us I am so beyond devastated. I don't think anything could ever replace Polyvore and I really do hope they revive it amidst all the backlash and pressure, but I'm seeing this is so far the best alternative website. If anyone recognizes my name or my sets (once I can figure out how to upload them) feel free to reach out. New and old friends welcome!

  • hi ! glad to see a familiar "face" - i remember you, both from your return to polyvore and years ago during the hipster era 🙂 i make art sets ! some fashion thrown in there too, it's a mix haha

    and if you go to your edit profile, importing your sets is actually super easy. it just might take a while because we keep crashing the website haha

  • Art Expression

    @laurenelise I kinda make a mix of fashion, dolls and art sets, myself.
    Also, welcome! 🙂

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