Polyvore sets :)


    Is anyone else planning on going through and liking, or in some cases re-liking the sets from other former Polyvore members once the sets are uploaded?

    I hate seeing my sets all at zero again 🙂 I imagine others do as well. So, I am hoping to be able to get through a person or two a day out of the people I follow and that follow me and look at and like sets.


  • Retro Babes

    That would be lovely. It's a little sad to see my sets with no likes at all tbh 😞
    I haven't found anyone I used to follow at Polyvore but I may do that to some of the people I currently follow~

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    @melannf This is another site, so why is it difficult to start again. It is wonderful that you can place your previously made sets here. I did not know that this was possible, it occurred to me last night that some of the sets were very similar to those of polyvore. Now the mystery is solved. I wonder if I can find out how I can do that. Incidentally, you have placed beautiful sets of polyvore here. Warm greeting from Margot

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