ex-poly writers - formerly @ahlexandra on poly

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    posting this to rekindle the massive writing community i was involved with for almost nine years on poly!

    this great site has kept some acquaintances in touch. i mainly want everyone to share any social media templates/items/re-created story/item collections here if they wish. you can add items to this site through the "items" tab i think. we could also share new features (and features to be added?) that will help us all. obviously groups would be great - though at least we can make forums? are private forums a thing?

    right now there isn't even an "art" category which poly had (and it's the closest thing the writing community got to being acknowledged)...but i've already seen URSTYLE format my profile's desc. so now i'm waiting for set descriptions to possibly be formatted nicely so it's story-friendly?

    i've imported old sets so you can get the gist of what i personally did. i started roleplaying (a gossip girl RP at 14) and that grew overtime to original characters i've been writing for a while now. i'm currently into writing a spin-off male character of my longtime character cameron. i also ran a writing group, "Who Gives a F**k About The Oxford Comma" so i'm familiar with the other RP communities that were on poly...i think we could all use each other's help possibly transferring over to this site!

    anyways hi! this is cool! it's only been a week or so...there's hope

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