Can't delete comments

  • Hi, i've just posted two identical replies to the comment under my set and i can't delete either of those, it says at the bottom right that 'i don't have enough privileges for this action' (cue the joke about me being white). i assume i can't delete someone's comments under my sets either, which definitely should be an option as it's my set and i should be able to moderate the comments. i don't know if this is a bug caused by this influx of new users or if it wasn't an option in the first place, but can you please fix this? thank you)

  • Art Expression

    @rotchenkova I have had the same problem just now. I have posted 3 identical replies and i wanted to delete 2 of them and i have the same "not enough previlleges" to do so. I would know what to do or if this will be somehow fixed.


    i have the same problem

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