website is really slow for me and sometimes it loads for ages and then stops loading but nothing appears...does anyone have the same issue or is it just me ? could anyone help ?


    I have the same problem... Hope it will be fixed soon...

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    Same problem here, I really wish they would get rid of infinite scrolling (what´s wrong with simple paging system? I didn´t like it on Polyvore either) I think it slows down the loading process even more than it is. That means there is absolutely no chance I´ll be able to see some of mine and others old sets (and that was the main point of importing them here). Also "liking" sets is very, very, very, very slow. Not to mention that when I scroll down my likes are disappearing.

  • Art Expression

    @petri5 I also would prefer to have a numbered page system for sets. It is way easier and much more enjoyable and quick to look for older sets.

  • Art Expression

    Same here. I thought it could be something related to my connection or my computer, but seeminlgy it might be because they are updating the website and getting an increasing traffic load...i dont know, just my thought.

  • i've been seeing a lot of 503/504 errors and experiencing a lot of slowdown/loading problems. i think the influx of new users from polyvore is probably slowing things down; it's saturday so there's probably high traffic, and people are importing their old sets from polyvore. some of those users' uploads number in the hundreds.

    i also agree with @petri5 and @wintermoon! infinite scrolling is so sticky and glitchy and causes browser slowdown on top of site slowdown-- i really wish we at least had the option to paginate for ourselves (tumblr lets you do it on their dashboard feed!).

  • Deutschprachige Gruppe

    Urstyle is really fast in changing there website for us formal Polyvore-User to help importing our stuff. I think we should be thankful for this quick service and have a little bit patient. It would be a wonder, if there are not Errors like this, when everyone is uploading thousands of old Polyvore-Sets. Thats many traffic on that website.

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