organize items & liked items

  • Hello to everyone, nice meeting you again - first off all !!!
    Is there any possibility to organize our items ?
    Love you all, de Neve

  • Twisted Gypsies

    @deneve I have not found a way yet to organize. Heck, I'm barely creating.

  • Fantasy Casting

    Unfortunately, nope! I'm waiting patiently (and hopefully ç_ç ♥) for this kind of features and for quick options for collections and items, like add to, remove and rename. It could certainly help us a lot! I've uploaded a tons of items but right now it's all so confused. I hope they will find a way to remove infinite scrollbar and introduce multiple pages too, maybe with tiniest thumbnail-preview. We need to be patient 🙂
    (Sorry for my English)

  • Manca la funzione cancella oggetti - items indesiderati, e per i preferiti non esiste il modo di metterli in cartelle.
    In pratica, ogni oggetto caricato da noi rimane nel Sito e non si cancella più.
    Oltre a questo nell'editor manca la funzione ritaglio perfetto, e questo limita molto la realizzazione dei sets.
    Come ricevere dalla direzione una risposta?


    @deneve I am organizing mine by putting them in collections. Unfortunately, once you put them in a collection, you can not change the order or delete the functionality for that just yet.

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