I have 2 questions

  • How do I see drafts and how do I clip itens?

  • @franca-helo this site dont allow the clip yet, I used in my sets pieces I found here...I gone in " outfits and sets" and like what I thought beautiful pieces...after that I created my sets..I hope I could help you! xoxo Ps..I dont know about the draws...Im learning how this site works yet.

  • Retro Babes

    We can't "clip" items the way we did on Polyvore but if you go to your profile and click the Items tab, you'll see it says "Add Item" or something along those lines. You just have to choose an item from the web, copy its image URL and paste it there. It should be up once you refresh the page! ^^
    As for drafts, we don't have those yet unfortunately 😞

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